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¡¤BS/A bonded seals (Selfcentering)
¡¤Bonded seals (galvanized framework)
¡¤XM300 bonded seals (thread sealing)
¡¤BS/A1bonded seals (bolt sealing)
¡¤XM500 bonded seals (bolt sealing)
¡¤XM600 flange seals
¡¤JB/1002 copper gasket
Tube clamps
Oil box accessories
Suction filter series
Return filter series
Magnetic filter series
Pressure filter series
Duplex return filter series
Hydraulic pressure coenzyme
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As one of major manufacturers providing accessories under Ministry of Machinery Industry and Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, Wenzhou Xinli Seals Factory established in 1985 is a manufacturer specialized in production of bonded seals.Thanks to the strong technology, advanced production equipments and inspection devices, our products with high quality are  Deeply trusted by  extensive customers all over China.

The major products in our factory involving JB982-77 bonded seals, BS/A bonded seals of XM100 series (automatic core-positioning), bonded seals (zinc plating frame) of  XM200 series are widely used in thread sealing in the Metric System, the Britain System and BSP (G). The bonded seals and flange seals (Polyurethane) with XM300 thread sealing and XM500 plug sealing have been developed recently, whose quality, varieties and output are well ahead of the rivals. 

It is our purpose to make your products and equipments more popular with markets and gain more credits by our all efforts. We are several times rewarded as the Advanced Enterprise and Contract Abiding & Trustworthy Enterprise by municipal, district governments over twenty years after the factory was established. Passing the certification of ISO9001£º2000 international quality management system, we always keep the tenet of pursuing first grade products and offering excellent service to build
Xinli Brand and present our sincerity to our users.

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