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Product Categories
¡¤BS/A bonded seals (Selfcentering)
¡¤Bonded seals (galvanized framework)
¡¤XM300 bonded seals (thread sealing)
¡¤BS/A1bonded seals (bolt sealing)
¡¤XM500 bonded seals (bolt sealing)
¡¤XM600 flange seals
¡¤JB/1002 copper gasket
Tube clamps
Oil box accessories
Suction filter series
Return filter series
Magnetic filter series
Pressure filter series
Duplex return filter series
Hydraulic pressure coenzyme
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Welcome to our site. In order to further improve our plant services, and strengthen the exchanges between the masses of customers, and we hope that you understand the real situation, a friend of my friends, as well as to the evaluation of plant products, expectations, opinions and suggestions. Please your idea of the real situation and provide to us. We will return to a high quality service, I thank you for your support and help!
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